LYCAN: Winged Wolf/Lion Hybrid + Mascot of Brain Bitez

Other Descriptions: Time Traveler, Immortal, Mascot, Hybrid, Lykie-Poo, Sir Barks-a-lot, Protector of Brain Bitez and The Horde of The Hungry

Although he was first introduce as an imaginary friend in episode 4 of the podcast, and even though Jeff tried to keep the secret of Lycan's existence safe, he wants everyone to know he is very real.

Not much is known about the Brain Bitez mascot but we do get glimpses of his past from time to time. What has been uncovered is that Lycan is a creature of many talents.  

When he was captured by the Nazi scientists and experimented on during the Holocaust (episode 17), Lycan gained the ability to destroy stone itself with his roar. This is just one instance of his encounters and strengths. He also has used his incredible sense of smell to sniff out and find the Green River Killer. He can smell a pervert from a hundred miles away... but not because he wants to. He has incredible strength and speed. That speed only increases when he's flying.

There is a theory that Lycan is a special creature that comes from the same realm as The Great Ree Ree. You've heard of Hell Hounds? Well, Lycan may just be the first Time Hound.

Much else is not known about this mixed species. The only thing that is for certain is that he's been around for a very long time. Our hybrid is here to keep The Horde of The Hungry safe, and to beat the hell (or I should say, time) out of serial killers, perverts and the occasional Nazi. 


Washington, USA

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